JRebel, tool that MyCollab members keep in their belts

JRebel is the toolkit helps Java developers avoid wasting time to restart the Java Program when code changes. With a heavy program like MyCollab, it takes 4 minutes to finish running MyCollab on my Macbook Mid 2011 core i7 16 GB. When we do several changes in our Java codes, prior to use the JRebel we just avoid restarting by waiting to make the several changes and then restart the server to test them all. With JRebel, we do not have waste time any longer! By evaluating the tools of dynamic loading classes at the runtime, you can not find any alternative tool compare with JRebel.

There are several tools such as SpringLoaded or we do some tricks with IntelliJ IDE but they never come close to JRebel. With MyCollab technology stack includes Spring framework, Mybatis, Vaadin while JRebel supports them all plus many popular Java grameworks, we just make some changes and waiting for JRebel to reload the Java classes

We are using the JRebel plugin with the IntelliJ IDE, the result just makes us very happy.

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